PVE® Residential Elevators are the World’s ONLY Home Elevators Driven By Air

By Using Pneumatic Technology to Generate Lift, Our Home Elevators Smoothly Move Between Floors While Requiring Much Less Space and Energy Than Traditional Residential Elevators.

PVE30 Home Elevator

Single ­Passenger Home Elevators

The PVE30 is the smallest elevator in the world, yet it is just as capable as other residential elevators that are much larger and much more expensive.

The PVE30 elevator has a 350lb (159kg) lift capacity and is capable of up to 50 ft. (15m) of rise over as many as five stops.

With a 30 inch outside diameter, these elevators are small enough to fit in even the most modest-sized home.

If you thought elevators were out of reach for you because of size constraints, this is the solution you have been looking for.


PVE37 Home Elevator


Home Elevator – Two­ Passengers

The PVE37 has paved the way for the rest of the pneumatic vacuum elevators lineup.

The many features of this PVE37 home lift make it a great option if you want something more spacious than the PVE30, but do not have enough room or the need for the wheelchair-accessible PVE52.

It measures 37 inches in outside diameter and 32 inches wide on the interior of the cabin. 

This air-driven residential elevator can safely carry two adults, or 450 lbs, up to as many as five stops or 50 feet in total rise. 

For an even more comfortable ride, you can opt to have a cabin seat installed for a single rider to sit on while being carried up to another floor.


Self-Supporting Home Elevators

This is the largest of the three vacuum elevators, capable of carrying three people or two people if one is in a wheelchair. Even our largest lift takes up less space in your home than other traditional elevators. 

Like all other vacuum elevators, the PVE52 does not need a separate space for machinery or additional room above and below the lift for a pit. 

Since the unit has a self-supporting structure, you will not have to add a frame to your home before installing it. This means you can fit this lift anywhere in your home!


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