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D - Type Lift Controller

Technical Features

Maximum number of served floors:

  • 6 full up and down collective
  • 15 down collective
  • 16 universal control

 Maximum number of lifts working in group:

  • 2

supported lift systems:

  • electric single speed
  • electric two speed
  • electric VVVF or ACVV
  • Hydraulic direct start
  • Hydraulic star delta start

 Maximal lift speed: 1.5 m/s

Positioning possibilities:

  • switches for shaft information
  • swithces for pre-opening
  • swithces for relevelling

 Numbers of doors served:

  • 1

Doors types served:

  • All Types

 User's Interface:

  • built in LED diode for position indicator and error signalisation
  • built in RS 232 line for programming

Real time clock:

  • No

 Serial output for indicator and voice module:

  • 1X line with SSL2 protocol

 Other important characteristics:

  • 19 programable timers
  • 76 programable parameters
  • error table and last events table in EEPROM circuit
  • all inputs equipped with LED diodes
  • all connections made with plugs

 Compliance with the standers:

  • EN 81-1
  • EN 81-2
  • Lift directive EC 95/16
  • EN 12015
  • EN12016
  • EN50178
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