Configurations to meet your demands.

Cabin with automatic doors lets you run the ORION and GULLIVER without having to hold the button during travel.

The fully enclosed cabin provides optimum safety and allows for automatic maneuver when the lift is running. Simply press the button once, either from the landing floor or from inside the car and the lift will travel to the floor you have selected.

Considering the landind sliding doors, a lift solution to make our machine operation really similar to the most known elevator operation. The encumbrance in depth, to be considered for the necessary space in the shaft, is only 90 mm and the possibility to have different doors openings (two panels with opening on the right, two panels with opening on the left of four panels with central opening) allows to always provide the best solution for a confortable cabin. Single, opposite or adjacent accesses configurations are available.

The complete range of standard plans for Orion and Gulliver is available to satisfy your every need and complies with the strictest of standards. The available finishings complement our platform lifts and integrate harmoniously into any environment or dwelling, whether public or private.

orion1 orion2
Orion orion4
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